Hapag Lloyd Trucking

Hapag Lloyd Trucking

We go where you need us.

As of April 2017, Hapag-Lloyd will offer you unparalleled shipping possibilities. Our new extensive and efficient network provides you with highly optimized routes tailored to your needs.

Explore the Hapag-Lloyd network today.

Choose your origin and destination - and get detailed information about the trade lanes that matter to you.

Our smart technology for you

Your supply chain needs speed and reliability. Our unique technology together with clear processes ensures that your cargo moves quickly and efficiently: from origin to destination.

Our smart containers for you

Your cargo needs to be safe and properly stored. We offer the best container solutions – and will always find the perfect way to ship your cargo even if it doesn't fit in a standard box.



Hapag Lloyd Trucking


22 Febbraio 2018




Offriamo una vasta gamma di servizi di trasporto. Assicuriamo le spedizioni nazionali ed internazionali veloci ed affidabili.

Ci prendiamo cura di ogni carico, dal ritiro della merce fino alla pronta consegna, seguendo scrupolosamente le istruzioni e le esigenze del cliente.

Per le Compagnie offriamo servizio deposito Container Vuoti, Pieni Gestione Booking.